Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to My Magical World

What a beautiful day in Philadelphia. The sun was shining, the grass was green, the flowers were blooming, and the park police were confiscating booze from the homeless. Ah...Spring has arrived.

And with the arrival of Spring, comes my inaugural entry into the blogging world. This, my pets, is "Ancillary Conversations" a series of (as my subtitle so eloquently states), "Overheard exchanges, observations, enthusiastic utterances and existential experiences."

Ladies and gentleman, in order to fully enjoy your journey, please pay close attention to our pre-flight announcements:
To your right, you will find a few of my favorite things. Maybe even a few of Gavin's favourite things. Nearly everything is hyperlinked, which means you can see it bigger and better with a simple twist of your little 'ol limp wrist and a click of your press-on nail.

Starting from the top, you will see "Overheard,"which features a quote or conversation taken from a recent personal social interaction or just blatantly stolen from television or the internet. Next, is my random "Breaking News of the Moment." Be it breaking mainstream media news, or some filtered schlock from Fox, rest assured, I will keep you abreast of useless information. Admittedly, the initial featured article is self indulgent, as I was directly involved, and secured my 3 seconds of fame with a heroic mention in the Inquirer. Thank the Lord they never mentioned that terrible case of the vapors I came down with after the incident.

Below the news, check out the "Discovery Funnel" - my latest finds that have been mulling around my brain, then filtered and poured into this blog. Could be a design installation, remixed pop song, travel destination, or article of clothing...who can tell. Follwing this gem, preaze to crick (please to click) on "Internment Tonight," where I will dictate where you should spend your evening, leaving you to, for example - focus on setting up the tv trays and not worry about channel surfing. Or I may relegate you to a bar stool at a local watering hole. Maybe even a fancy dress party.

Next, I will, for your perusing pleasure, include a random piece of whimsy that at the very least would tickle the fancy of your average fifteen-year-old. Finally, you will find a drop down menu with an archive of my past blogs, titled "What'd I Miss?" followed by a list of my favorite blogs, which I will build as the mood strikes, or as the bribes roll in.

All of course, is subject to change, depending on passing inspiration or the threat of impending litigation. In the upcoming summer months, I may forego friovilities like tv listings, and direct you to the nearest beach activity. Or rather, direct you to the gym and THEN the beach (said the pot to the kettle).

I may stick to the self-prescribed format, I may not. It's my prerogative. I will, however, do my level best to keep my content informative and entertaining, dabbling in political incorrectness and more than my fair share of rants. All while using excessive,,, punctuation;.!, overly-hyphenated-phrases, and way too many (parentheses).

Shamon - A programming note regarding in-flight entertainment:

When it comes to specific experiences or overheard conversations, names may be thinly-veiled or photos may be marginally altered to protect the guilty (left). Unless the story at hand portrays you in a glowing light and affirms your coolness quotient (right). Either way, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be snippets of my life representing the good, bad, and downright bizarre influences of my friends and family.

I have no set schedule for updates to this blog, so you can ease back from the edge of your seat. I am gainfully employed after all, and princess has a rather demanding, albeit spur-of-the-moment social calendar.

With that said, thank you in advance for subscribing to my blog, listening to my self-indulgent B.S., and sharing your thoughts, which I will choose to embrace or discard at will. Whatever the outcome, wherever our destination, I invite you to open your mind, sit back, relax, fully recline your seats, and enjoy the ride.